About us

About Brightways Travels

“Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times” – an Asian Proverb
At Brightways Travels, we have been creating magnificent travel experiences for decades. Since our inception in 1993, our travel and leisure teams have been providing happy customers with beautiful experiences of our magical Kenya safaris and the world over.
Whether you are a solo traveler looking for a quiet retreat or a lifetime adventure, or a family, a group, a business traveler, a missionary or a pilgrim, we have a team that will understand you and customize your package just to suit you.

Air Ticketing

At Brightways, we manage our client’s travel on all domestic and international routes for any airline, offering the best services by our professional and experienced team at the best price available as per your requirement and preference of travel.
On receipt of your enquiry, we provide you with a minimum of 3 affordable quotes depending on route and carriers operating. With the options, we always include the respective rules and regulations governing each fare being quoted. These options are based on efficiency, transit time, connectivity, price, route convenience, safety, as well as your travel policy & guidelines provided by your personal & corporate travel profile.
Our airline reservation systems (Galileo and Amadeus) have the capability of accessing all airline fares from the lowest prices to the widest selection of airline seat inventory.
When we make a flight reservation, this data is electronically merged to our booking system to ensure all pertinent details are captured (e.g. your preferred seat, preferred meal, your frequent flyer numbers and any special services requirement i.e. wheel chair passenger) to enable error free reservations.

We accept different payment methods for ticket issuance including:
• Use of credit or debit cards
• Bank Transfer or Deposit
• Cheques
• Online Website Payment Portal

Visa Services

Our experience with international travelers has allowed us to establish close working relationships with various Embassies and Consulates.
Brightways Travels provides visa and passport support which assists in obtaining the documents required for travel. When you make a booking, we will advise you of the visa requirements in place for destinations to be visited and transited during a planned journey and shall ensure the traveler is in possession of valid travel documents before commencement of travel.

We also provide a wide range of immigration services including: work permits, dependents, passes, special passes, referral visa, alien passes and other immigration related requests.

Hotel Bookings, Airport Transfers and Travel Insurance

No travel is complete without accommodation. We have discounted rates with many hotels in Kenya and worldwide. If you are traveling anywhere in Kenya or abroad, you’re welcome to make a request for us to make the booking for you at special rates.
Our airport transfers and travel insurance help our customers have more seamless trips. Our services are safe, reliable and affordable.

Team building and Group Travel

A team is the basic performance unit. Whether at work, church or friends, effectiveness for a team relies on motivation and great relationships. We make this possible by creating adventurous activities and trips that are sure to bring out the best in your team/group.
We provide both generic and tailor-made team building packages in Kenya that run from 1 to 5 days or longer depending on the client’s needs.